Nestled high in the mountains of the protected Nantahala National Forest is where Pristine Springs Water is born.

The Indian word Nantahala means “land of the midday sun”, an appropriate name for a forest in which the deep cascading waterfalls are fed from the mineral rich mountain springs that are illuminated only when the noon sun is directly overhead.

Pristine Springs water is 100% natural spring water. The springs may possibly be the purest spring water east of the Mississippi.

Taking 22 days to rise through granite rock before erupting to the surface with mineral rich water. The springs have a 50 feet of pure water per minute flow. After the mineral rich pure water has filtered itself naturally through the granite rock, it then undergoes a rigorous purification process equal to and as stringent as Dairy product filtration.

Quality Control is second to none, where it exceeds F.D.A. standards, surpasses SEBWA quality assurance standards. The water is filtered to .02 tenths of a micron through our membrane particle filtration, then goes into the ozonation process.

Our bottles are injected on site to ensure proper sanitation. Each employee of Pristine Springs must also meet very high hygienic set standards that are of utmost importance and concern.

Most of all, Pristine Springs water is taste tested daily and randomly as it makes it’s way to your office or home! Drivers of Pristine Springs Water trucks have been stopped more than a mile from our filtration plant, and as close as 100 feet from your home or office to be randomly tested. Chances are you will see one of our trucks stopped near you!

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